Kalkaska Christian Assembly


WELCOME! We hope you enjoy our website!

 We'd LOVE to have you join us!
We are meeting in the Family Fare Plaza in South Kalkaska directly in front of ShopKo!

Our services begin at 10 am on Sunday Mornings

Kids Church follows our Family Praise and Worship.


Men's Breakfast is the first Saturday of the Month at 9am.

The 1st Sunday of the month is BGMC Sunday!

The 4th Sunday of the Month is Communion!

The 5th Sunday of the Month is FAMILY SUNDAY!


The Big Picture

Read Job 20:1 through 21:34; Acts 5:1–20

Every year in the United States, the court system may wrongly convict as many as ten thousand people of serious crimes. That was the finding of a 1996 study by a researcher at Ohio State University. The implication is astounding. If true, at least 0.5 percent of people convicted are innocent. Meanwhile, the real offenders often remain free to continue their crimes.

“Why do the wicked live on, growing old and increasing in power?” (Job 21:7)

Even with the best intentions and safeguards, every human system of justice is flawed. People make mistakes; God doesn’t. Job thought the Lord was punishing him unfairly while letting wicked people off the hook. However, God wasn’t punishing Job at all. God allowed Job to go through a time of testing and then rewarded him for his faithfulness.

Nothing escapes God’s notice. Righteous people may suffer for a time, but suffering will end and rejoicing will come.

Prayer Suggestion: Lord, teach me to trust You even when life seems unfair.

Quicklook: Job 21:7–15

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