Kalkaska Christian Assembly


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 We'd LOVE to have you join us!
We are meeting in the Family Fare Plaza in South Kalkaska directly in front of ShopKo!

Our services begin at 10 am on Sunday Mornings

Kids Church follows our Family Praise and Worship.


Men's Breakfast is the first Saturday of the Month at 9am.

The 1st Sunday of the month is BGMC Sunday!

The 4th Sunday of the Month is Communion!

The 5th Sunday of the Month is FAMILY SUNDAY!



Read Proverbs 8:1 through 9:18

Published: Apr 24, 2017

A mother and daughter walked along a trail at Glacier National Park. As the rest of the family explored some waterfalls, the mother and daughter headed toward their car. As they walked the trail, the mom began to wonder if they were headed in the wrong direction. The two remembered passing a split in the trail and felt an urgency to return to it. They arrived at the crossroads and found frantic family members looking for them. The husband had planted himself in that spot waiting to send them in the right direction.

At the highest point along the way, where the paths meet, she takes her stand (Proverbs 8:2).

Just as the husband stationed himself in the place where the travelers would pass by, so wisdom reveals the ways of God. Those who listen know the direction to walk in life. Wisdom guides the believer toward appropriate action in every situation.

What word of instruction or warning has been in your spirit that you have yet to respond to? The Lord works only for your good and will direct you correctly.

Challenge for Today: Obey the voice of wisdom in your circumstance.

Quicklook: Proverbs 8:1–9